Review by Nathan McLeod

Does this strike your fancy?: … “Nervosa has everything to make history in metal worldwide & follow the steps of other great power trios like Motorhead, Destruction, Corones, & Krisiun! DESTROY!!!!” Andreas Kisser – Sepultura, “Nervosa is a Badass Brazilian 3piece, with old-school thrash teeth” Bobby Blitz – Over Kill, “Nervosa are a killer band! I’m proud they are Brazilians, & it is great to see more women involved in metal!” Max Cavalera – Soulfly/Cavalera Conspiracy, “Tight, brutal & in your face, this album offers all a THRASH record needs!” Schmier – Destruction …

“Short, simple, & to the point quotes from Andreas, Bobby, Max, & Schmier regarding Nervosa!!!”: Hailing from ‘Sao Paulo, Brasil’, as viewers may have ‘already’ guessed, ‘Nervosa’ is an ALL female trio thrash-metal artist! These fine young ‘Brasilian’s’ talent is VERY matched up to their “beauty”. “GODESSES OF THUNDER/THRASH-METAL!!!”

‘Napalm Records – Victim Of Yourself’ press release: “After the release of their critically acclaimed first sign of life, the Brazilian demolition crew unleashes their highly anticipated album debut! The all-female Thrash Metal combo pushes the pedal to the metal and offers the listener high-speed riffs, furious drumming and raging leads. The songs have a brutal and raw energy and are crowned by murderous hooks and the aggressive vocals by bassist Fernanda Lira. NERVOSA will take the Thrash Metal scene by storm!”

Take the “quote/un-quotes” given from the ‘aforementioned’ ‘thrash-metal’ legends spanning three (3) continents, ‘Napalm Records’, & ‘Metal To Infinity’ as these ladies get set & ready to ’embark’ on a 10wk ‘European’ tour from ‘England to Russia’:

*09.07.15 CZ – Trutnov / Obscene Extreme … *11.07.15 POL – Gdansk / Atlantic Club … *12.07.15 POL – Szczecin / Slowianin Club … *13.07.15 POL – Warsaw / Progressja … *14.07.15 GER – Berlin / SO36 … *16.07.15 SVK – Kosice / Colliseum Club … *17.07.15 CZ – Pohori / Agressive Fest … *19.07.15 GER – Egelsee / Schwarzer Adler … *21.07.15 SLO – Tolmin / Metal Days Festival … *22.07.15 AUT – Dornbirn / Conrad Sohm … **23.07.15 GER – Kassel / K19 … *25.07.15 NL – Steenwijk / Stonehenge … *26.07.15 BEL – Ostend / JH OHK … *27.07.15 FR – Paris / Le Club … *03.08.15 FR – Bordeaux / Les Runes … *06.08.15 CZ – Jaromer / Brutal Assault Fest … *07.08.15 DE – Hamburg / Rock Café … *08.08.15 NL – Tilburg / Little Devil … *10.08.15 DE – Rostock / Alte Zuckerfabrik … *12.08.15 DE – Dinkelsbühl / Summerbreeze Festival … AND

*14.08.15 UK – London / The Dome … *15.08.15 UK – Glasgow / Audio … *16.08.15 UK – Liverpool / Krazyhouse … *17.08.15 UK – Evesham / The Iron Road … *18.08.15 UK – Birmingham / Asylum 2 … *19.08.15 UK – Cambridge / The Portland Arms … *20.08.15 UK – Norwich / Owl Sanctuary … *21.08.15 UK – Bournemouth / Anvil … *26.08.15 LV – Riga / Nabaklab … *27.08.15 EE – Tallin / Tapper … *28.08.15 RU – St. Petersburg / Backstage Club … *29.08.15 RU – Moscow / Brooklyn … **30.08.15 RU – Tver / Soboka Mile … **31.08.15 RU – Smolensk / A-Club … *01.09.15 RU – Novomoskovsk / Mad Dog …* 02.09.15 RU – Voronezh / Exit Club … *03.09.15 RU – Rostov On Don / Podzemka … *04.09.15 RU – Krasnodar / SY 27 … *06.09.15 RU – Tula / M2 Club …

Times like this I “really” wish I were still living in ‘Europe’! Vacationing in ‘Brasil’! As I awoke in the ‘U.S.’ to a ‘superior’ belief that ‘history’ is in the making, already in the making with ‘Nervosa’! As for I am going to leave this review of ‘Victim Of Yourself’ non-rated for the ‘World’ / ‘masses’ to view!

“YOUR FEEDBACK IS MUCH APPRECIATED”. ‘Catch’ these ‘ladies’ on tour & ‘please’ check out the following ‘Nervosa’ info:

*Website Nervosa: www.nervosaofficial.com

*Website Napalm Records: www.napalmrecords.com

*Facebook Nervosa: www.facebook.com/femalethrash

*Facebook Napalm Records: www.facebook.com/napalmrecords

*ReverbNation: www.reverbnation.com/nervosathrash

*Metal Archives: www.metal-archives.com/bands/Nervosa/3540350698

*SoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/nervosathrash

*YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCiw4u85PXdgzmJ27awOo5Tg

*MySpace: www.myspace.com/bandanervosa

*E-mail: mona.miluski@napalmrecords.com

*I’d really like to see/hear from what the masses/viewers think of Nervosa*


Review by Spirit In Black

Night Screamer is a Heavy Metal project from London, UK whom started in 2013. A year later on, the band released their debut EP ‘Hit N’ Run’. Recently, they released a brand new EP called “Vigilante”.

Night Screamer plays a mix of classic Heavy Metal and Hard Rock from the 80’s. Opener ‘Sacrifice’ starts as an average Rock/Metal song until halfway the song, the structure takes a turn as cool and heavy parts showing up. There’s a great solo flying around which comes to me like some kind of a jam session featuring a high Black Sabbath vibe. And yeah, I like that part!

The second track is called ‘God Of War’, a catchy tune with repetitive riffs used to know from the 80’s Rock and Metal movement. Halfway between the song, another finger scorching solo appears followed by, if I’m correct, a nice/good oiled twin guitar solo. Last one of the EP is ‘Getaway’ which sounds fast, catchy and raw song but offered in a more modern touch. It has a bit of an Old-Guns n’ Roses vibe. Aside from the vocals, they are completely different!

To overall vocals on Night Screamer’s new EP “Vigilante”aren’t bad at all, the only let down is that they sound a bit tame, especially on the first two songs. On ‘Getaway’ they stand out the most because of the vocal delivery comes with more power and high screams. The music itself, I can’t say it’s quite original, I can’t say it’s bad either. It’s a nice change if you want to hear some good old Hard Rock/Heavy Metal music spiced with modern ingredients, if that’s your alley I recommend you to give these UK based lads a try-out at: https://www.facebook.com/nightscreameruk 

My Rating: 70/100 (Decent but best previewing)


Review by Sloof

We should be proud on labels like Pure Steel Records, as these Germans know where the quality is present and they succeed in surprising from time to time. For example the London based outfit Nightmare World that was raised in 2006, and to be honest, they are totally new to me. I know and adore bands like Threshold and the thing is, the guitar player of Threshold, Pete Morten is the vocalist in Nightmare World.

Did somebody ever told you that we live in a small world? It’s rather unusual that a guitar player is switching his gear and strings for a microphone, but Pete Morten does! To tell you even more, he’s doing it with so much dedication and effusion that I wonder why Threshold still needs Damian Wilson, but I guess that I know the answer as Damian Wilson is one of the most intelligent, down-to-earth people that I’ve ever met. But, we deviate, as Nightmare World is currently the issue that we want to review. The band released an EP in 2009 (‘No Regrets’), but all three songs on that release feature this debut album as well, so you don’t need to miss a thing!

‘In The Fullness Of Time’ is the track that opens this debut album and this is a very interesting intro as you will have the feeling that something is about to happen, about to take place, but when will it happen, and above all, what calamity awaits us? When the guitars set the tone in ‘In Memoria Di Me’, it’s obvious that this band knows how to rock. The arrangement is superb and I totally understand why this track was chosen to be the first single release. While the song is lifted by the vocals of Pete, the guitars of Sam Shuttlewood and Joey Cleary increase the bombastic element as well.

‘The New Crusade’ continues at full speed and I’m sure that many necks will be tested! It’s a little like the good old Riot, but with the addition of keys by Nick Clarke, we can only conclude that this is an outstanding track! The pace slows down with ‘No Regrets’ and here we can find influences by bands like Primal Fear. The quality remains with songs like ‘Defiance’ and ‘Burden Of Proof’ until the acoustic guitar demands its spot in the song ‘The Ever Becoming’. Nick Clarke his keyboards play a key role in ‘Damage Report’ and again, the vocals of Pete Morten secure quality and enthusiasm. Did they keep the best for last? Probably, as ‘Euphoria’ starts modest but all in a sudden, the song explodes into one of the best songs today!

People that like to discover new bands in the Power and Progressive Metal style, definitely need to check Nightmare World as they surpassed all expectations and this album grows each time you listen to it. Conclusion: a must-have release if you consider yourself as a ProgRock fan with an weakness for good vocalists! http://www.nightmareworld.co.uk/ /https://www.facebook.com/nightmareworld

My rating: 85/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)


Review by Stefan

A little while ago I expressed my satisfaction about the new CD from US instrumental shred Rock and Metal act Shadow Eden featuring guitar wizard Dave Mercado ! Happiness stays by my side for the second time this week, my heart is warmed again while checking out the new album of female shred guitar specialist Nili Brosh. She was born in Israel, her brother Ethan introduced her to the guitar world and moved to Boston at the age of 12. Once there, she was ready to expand her passion and began studying electric guitar at the famous Berklee College Of Music. Nili was taught by, among others, Joe Stump and that says it all to me. Once she was graduated, everything went quickly without any form of difficulties. Nili showed her talented skills on youtube where she posted her first video… at least 180.000 visitors came to take a look ! One thing was certain, a brilliant career was waiting for this shred mistress. Nili performed with (among others) Andy Timmons (Danger Danger), Stuart Hamm (Satriani/Vai), The Iron Maidens and opened for greats like Joey Molland (Badfinger), Pat Travers and stuff.

Back in 2010, she brought out a first solo album by the title of “Through The Looking Glass”, Nili Brosh really knew how to charm me complete with her outstanding, full technical way of acting. I was overwhelmed and the songs were ingeniously inserted into each other, at the end of the review, it was time to announce my score which eventually came out on a well deserved 92 /100. In the field of female guitar players, she’s ranked real high, very close to the ultimate top for me!

In 2011, Nili joined the ProgMetal act Seven The Hardway which features legendary guitar God named Tony MacAlpine and the famous vocalist Mark Boals (Ynwie Malmsteen). Another remarkable fact, she toured with the Tony MacAlpine band across Europe and the US – in August 2014, she was asked to team up again, this time for the Maximum Security Tour. Mrs. Brosh was also active, as second guitarist, in her brother’s band The Ethan Brosh Band as support for the Yngwie Malmsteen throughout the US and Canada, joined another band called Vigilant in September 2013. Throughout all these activities, Nili also kept working on her second album entitled “A Matter Of Perception”, a self-produced/written full instrumental shred album loaded with ten brand new songs. Heard all of the tracks a few times by now and damn sure, this album reflects the image of a highly appreciated musician. She stole my attention while listening to her debut effort “Through The Looking Glass” and have to admit that, with the arrival of her latest album “A Matter Of Perception”, I am even more impressed.

As her previous album also this new cut became a completely instrumental piece of art. Many different styles are addressed so they can appeal to a wide audience with the new compositions. Those shred addictives on the hunt for a whole lot of variety will have a great time during the respectively running period of 48+ minutes. Be alert during a real invasion of masterful skills which result in killer compositions able to nail you to the ground by astonishment. ProgMetal Rock & Metal tunes alternating with jazzy/funky – fusion elements, that’s what Nili Brosh’s new effort is all about. Collaborating with over-the-top, stylish guest musicians Stu Hamm (bass), Virgil Donati (drums), Marco Minnemann (drums), bassist Bryan Beller and drummer Aquiles Priester (Tony MacAlpine touring band). Full respect to each one of these guys but still, it’s Nili herself who’s taking away the grand prize to me. Her elegant way of playing the guitar speaks to my imagination, nimble-fingered shred guitar actions played with a lot of dedication and expertise… she’s my number one female axe wielder at the moment for sure !

The title track has a dark haunting character and I really like that, especially when it’s been played with this way vertiginous, technical moves from all of the players. ‘Exit Strategy’ offers a big package of crazy/superb, extravaganza guitar moves and ‘Silence Of Saturday’ is made for the melancholic souls among us… just another pearl of sensitive shred ! The tasteful galloping rhythms of ‘Eli’ make this song a true rocker with a boogie undertone, ‘Yolanda sounds heavenly beautiful and it’s time to let’s go groovy with a song called ‘Hip Hop Aliens’, a weird title for a full technical, Fusion type composition.

All things considered, Nili Brosh’s newest album “A Matter Of Perception” is a masterwork that’ll be accepted, with much appreciation, by anyone who feels attracted to shred Rock and Metal music. Again, best female guitar player at the moment, a real revelation ! A must-have for guitar maniacs, purchase at: http://www.nilibrosh.com/store

My rating: 89/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)


Review by Sloof

When Lorenzo Bellia (guitars and vocals) and his sister Giulia Bellia (bass) formed the band in 2013, they asked longtime friend Simone Perchiazzi (drums) to join them and together they started rehearsing to create songs and material with a raw and dirty edge.

Fans of Motorhead, Bulldozer, Gehennah and last but not least Venom were the main goal to achieve but I guess that Nightshock need a little more rehearsing before they can tip them all. The three members entered the recording studio in July 2014 and Iron Shield offered them a deal with this album ‘Nightshock’ as final result.

The album opens with an intro that leads us into war with the eponymous track ‘Nighshock’. What I hear is a simple version of Venom with a huge dose of Rock’n Roll. They want to sound like the masters of the seven gates, but at the same time, they don’t want to be pigeonholed as Black Metal, so they chose a Rock’n Roll deviation. Halfway, Lorenzo is summoning his masses with ‘eins, zwei, drei, vier’, but I can only conclude that this pithless track offers nothing special at all. ‘Black Demise’ is a lot slower, but characterless as well and the pace increases in the next song ‘Faith And Dishonor’.

So far, the tracks took about 3 minutes each, which leaves no room for improvisation. ‘Nothing Will Remain’ is utterly heavy and slow, but with a nice break (in these circumstances), the song is bursting out with a lot of Cronos resemblances. Those that want to have an Epic feeling should skip to the track ‘Funeral Chain’, but again, the band doesn’t surprise me at all. Nightshock didn’t create a shock at all, on the contrary, they detest their origin and name and a cheap clone is only authorized for personal use. https://nightshock.bandcamp.com/releases https://www.facebook.com/IronShieldRecords

My rating: 43/100 (Rubbish)


Review by Sloof

Nitroville is a band from the U.K. where rock chick Tola Lamont takes control of the microphone and the rest of the gang. Her voice is really admirable and has some resemblances with other female institudes like Lita Ford. Not hoarse, not trashy but clean vocals with a high range that is able to go in many directions. So far, so good. Musical wise, we hear a sleazy, Rock’n Roll institute that brings their Rock with a smooth Southern Rock sound (‘Louisiana Bone’) combined with slices of Rose Tattoo, Motorhead and even a little Heart. The rawness is present all over the album, without losing control on the arrangements. Nice songs with a pleasant and enjoyable melody, without getting too mellow. No gimmicks, just pure an impression of the essence of Rock’n Roll.

High pace is present (‘Spitfire’), heavy parts are taking the guitars and drums to another level (‘Aphophis 2029’), slow forward dragging melodies (‘Cheating The Hangman’) alternated other up tempo fuckers like ‘Dead Man’s Hand’. All songs have an own identity and nice approach, but although the skilled musicians deliver a great job, I do miss a spark to get this to a next level.

“Cheating The Hangman” is a great second album for this band, but they have to evolve on their next albums. Getting above the average with some crushing songs is a minimum requirement to get above the competetors that produce albums in this genre. For now, this Nitroville will be praised by those that like to join an evening with bikers in a smoky room where beer and poker games are priority to the music. Nitroville FB: https://www.facebook.com/Nitroville.Official/ Order at: http://www.targetshop.dk/uk/370642/Nitroville/Cheating_The_Hangman/

My rating: 78/100 (Decent but best previewing)

NO BROS – READY FOR THE ACTION (Karthago Records/Pure Rock Records)

Review by officer Nice

This is a re-release that should be adored by every Eighties Metal fan. Although No Bros isn’t a Heavy Metal band this kind of music will be liked by anyone who was there in that era. “Ready For The Action” breathes pure nostalgia from a band that started their career almost 40 years ago. It was the era of bands like Led Zeppelin, Rainbow, Deep Purple, Scorpions and other bands that stood at the cradle of what Heavy Metal later become.

No Bros is heading from out of Austria but the band never became mainstream and that’s, as a matter of fact, a little bizarre. Their debut album came out when the NWOBHM scène became immense popular, when Iron Maiden, Saxon, priest and Motörhead took the leading role. Many followed and maybe that’s the reason why Hard Rock bands like No Bros didn’t get the fair chance to really break through. Yet this debut album is full of outstanding tracks based on a seventies atmosphere that I really like.

What you witness here is a piece of history that only deserves good words. This is Hard Rocking music with outstanding guitars, by Klaus Shubert, superb vocals by a man that listens to the name of Freddy Gigele and a band with only good musicians. The song writing is really awesome and this re-release, although the original is 30 years old, really astonishes. The sun is shining, I have a positive vibe and this record of No Bros helps me to feel even better. I started the day with ‘Wuthering Heights’ of Kate Bush on the radio and for some reason No Bros did the rest, maybe the fantastic track “Good Morning Sir” has anything to do with it. I also adore the keyboards which are included on this one, it gives that special touch I really like. This record includes some bonus tracks that are really worth purchasing this one. One hour of pure musical pleasure, that’s my guarantee.

No doubts that this one is a highlight for any fan of Hard Rock and Seventies music. Even the fans of the early Eighties Metal scène will easily adept it. Kartago Records and Pure Rock did a fantastic job to set this kind of masterpiece to the world. Check http://www.nobros.com.

My rating: 90/100 (Surpasses the style of music, must be heard/ordered by every Metal fan)

NO BROS – FIND MYSELF (Karthago Records/Pure Rock Records)

Review by Officer Nice

It seems there is a “Rock” part too at Pure Steel nowadays. In cooperation with Kartago Records they are ready to put the Rock scène closer to the Heavy Metal fan. That’s a good thing because there are more than enough awesome Rock bands that deserve attention. Besides the fact that the Metal movement is linked to the Rock scène has always been important to the open minded Metal fans, at least it was to me. Besides Hard Rock will forever be a part of our scène because it stood at the cradle of our beloved genre.

I received a few releases from an Austrian band that listens to the name of No Bros. These guys are almost 40 years in business and that deserves our attention! “Find myself” is a five piece some kind of compilation EP really sounds nice. This one includes some kind of bonus tracks from their forthcoming re-release album “Ready for action” filled up with other remixed/remastered.

If you want to know what No Bros stands for you’d better read the reviews about these guys on this site. Great Hard Rock indeed from a very professional band you can learn more about at http://www.nobros.com.

My rating: 85/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)

NO BROS – HEAVY METAL PARTY (Karthago Records/Pure Rock Records)

Review by Officer Nice

We’ve been talking about this band in other reviews. These guys from Austria did never chance the world but four decades of good Hard Rock is their part. No Bros started their career in the early Seventies, a time when Hard Rock slowly became a genre, the kind of music that stood at the cradle of what became the Heavy Metal movement.

First release of the band was a live album under the name “HEAVY Metal Party”. It proves that this band stood close to Heavy Metal, a name for a music genre that was very hot when this record saw the light of day, dated 1982. Pretty strange to start a career with a live album but hey, those were other times. The full length album came after this one but nevertheless you have the chance right here to re-live this era.

Taken from that specific album No Bros represents what they are standing for, old fashioned Hard Rock with close boundaries to Metal. The label added some extra songs, taken from live bootlegs and the track Heavy Metal Party on which you can hear old good Biff from Saxon. There are reasons enough to purchase this one while buying the other No Bros releases. Fans of traditional Hard Rock can buy this blindfolded to re-live the good old times. Checkhttp://www.nobros.com.

My rating: 80/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)

NO BROS – METAL MARINES (Pure Steel Records)

Review by Sloof

Fans of Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Whitesnake and Thin Lizzy, beware as the Austrian outfit No Bros is ready for another attack!

After their previous albums ‘Ready For The Action’, ‘Our Own Way’, ‘Cavalry Of Evil’ and ‘Hungry For The Good Times’, we had to wait almost 10 years to hear new material from this legendary band that I saw live in Brussels when they opened for Deep Purple. I guess it’s about 30 years ago, but that’s no big deal as No Bros were formed in 1979. They took a little break from 1986 ‘till 2004, but it seems like they are now stronger than ever.

‘Metal Marines’ delivers a constant quality to the songs and many of you will cherish these songs as they come close to the Hard Rock titans from 3 to 4 decades ago… ‘Metal Marines’ proves that it is possible that time stands still! You can mention any band from the 70ies and 80ies, as No Bros covers them all. Remember the good times of Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush, Blackfoot, the Bluesy influences of David Coverdale in songs like ‘Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City’ or even Montrose with ‘Space Station #5’ and the ‘Rock’n Roll Machine’ of Triumph. Once more: No Bros covers them all! I’m not going to mention the best songs on this album, as I should type the whole tracklist, I’m not going to mention about the quality of the musicians, as they are all old hands and I’m not going to mention the duels between a Hammond organ and a guitar, as both are rough-handed until they smoke.

This is timeless music, and I’m sure that this band is going to persevere until they can’t walk the stage any more, until they can’t play the strings and skins, until they lost their voice. My deepest respect to the members of No Bros! Period!https://www.facebook.com/Fanpage.NoBros/

My rating: 95/100 (Surpasses the style of music, must be heard/ordered by every Metal fan)

NONEXIST – THRONE OF SCARS (Target/Mighty Music Records)

Review by Sloof

In the year 2002, the Dutch leading metal magazine ‘Aardschok’ forwarded me an album of Nonexist as acquaintance, and two years later, I did an interview with John Liiva (ex-Arch Enemy) to promote his new band Hearse. Years went by, all members followed their own path, but around 2009 guitar player Johan Reinhold restarted Nonexist and teamed up with John Liiva again. ‘Thone Of Scars’ is the third album of Nonexist, and this time, they were signed to Danish Mighty Music Label, which will release the new album October 10th. 2015.

What about that new output, can I say that I was satisfied after listening to it? Nope, not at all. I really wonder what kind of style do they play? Are they aware that people can’t follow at all, as the songs ramble on without exception. ‘A Promise Unfulfilled’ is fierce and devilish, while ‘Pyroclastic Cluster Torment’ contains a lot of groove with a little core influences. ‘Rodents Of War’ is a Black Metal song until the first minutes, as it continues in all possible directions. ‘Enter Eternal Night’ starts like a ballad, and I was pretty sure that they couldn’t maintain that slow pace and sensitive approach. Indeed, this calmer moment explodes into a frantic piece of musical mayhem. I miss balance, refined sophistication, I do miss conviction and a certain standard.

The songs aren’t bad, but they sound like a mush, where all directions are lost. Above the skills as songwriters, I’m not totally impressed about the mix of the album. They want to sound heavy and rough, but they didn’t succeed at all. I really wonder if I will ever meet somebody that can explain what this band is trying to establish. The musicians aren’t bad at all, but they lose control constantly, and perhaps I’m just a blockhead that doesn’t understand the purpose of this cacophony.

My score and rating is mainly focused on the skills of the musicians, as I know that they are able to play, but does not refer to the quality of the songs.

My rating: 68/100

NO RETURN – FEARLESS WALK TO RISE (Target/Mighty Music Records)

Review by Sloof

Last year, No Return celebrated their 25-year career with a tour all over France, but it only sharpened the appetite, as the band is preparing to invade Europe with their new album, which was recorded last summer at Studio Jacob Hansen (Aborted, Volbeat). Originally begun as a Death Thrash Metal band around 1989, but through the years evolved into a deadly musical outfit that allows no concessions. In the past, the band got signed by major labels as there are Nuclear Blast and Listenable Records, but also to labels like Season Of Mist that prefers willful and hard-mouthed bands.

Anno 2015, they were contracted by Target/Mighty Music Records, and this new album is ready to hit the streets! Playing in a band since 1989 demands a lot from a musician. You need to be driven and passionate, persevere and consistent at the same time and ready to make many sacrifices. Alain (guitars) is the driving force behind No Return as he is the only remaining original member of the band that I had in my radio ( Radio Aktief – Metal Show Overdrive) studio decades ago. I guess that they were on tour with Exhorder from the USA around 1991, but I’m not sure about this. Due to the fact that Exhorder ruined the place totally, with a drunk and boisterous gang as result. Anyway, It’s good that the band is still active and kicking and that’s putting it mildly as they release a fantastic new album, probably their best so far! When my counting is correct, this should be album number 9 in their 25 years old career so far!

No Return Brings their new material with a modern approach and while keeping the aggression up to date, they also evolved a bit into the Modern Metal style as well. The vocals of Mick fit really well and while the guitars of Alain and Jérôme encourage, the pace is ferocious and deadly! Every track has a little extra. It might be an unexpected break, or an intriguing melodic part, but at the end, you will notice that the music of No Return has many different layers. This result in an album that needs a few spins to get all ideas and details into your head with a wonderful result as finale! Melodic songs need an earwig, extreme songs need additional extras to draw the people’s attention and No Return knows perfectly how it works! It’s really hard to point out the best songs as the complete album is fulfilling my needs!

Fans of Artillery and Onslaught know what their next purchase will be, but those that still have doubts, check their video of ‘Stronger Than Ever’, and you will agree that this is a top-notch product!

My rating: 84/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)

NOW OR NEVER – II (Target/Mighty Music Records)

Review by Sloof

August 2012: I attend a live gig in Zottegem (Belgium) where the French band Nightmare is going to promote their newly released album ‘The Burden Of God’. After this outstanding gig, I got in touch with the members and the nice and friendly vocalist Jo Amore was in very good shape that evening. After a chat and a few beers, we parted ways, and it took until 2015 when I got informed that Jo left the band due to unclear circumstances. I still remember his friendly smile and awesome throat, and it felt bad to hear that Nightmare was going to exist without Jo. Shortly after, good news arrived, as Jo became the new vocalist of Now Or Never, a band that is formed with members from Denmark, Switzerland and of course France! Their eponymous debut album was great, but still had a few details to work on.

Now, it’s time for the second album, and this one is simply called ‘II’, and I’m sure that a lot of fans of Heavy Power and Modern Metal will be pleased when they will hear the songs on this second release. The passion is present from the very first second, and the members are all top notch as they succeeded in creating songs that are: 1.simple as they haven’t got any gaudy aspects, 2.straight forward with a head and tail, and 3.you will agree that the material comes straight from the heart! Now Or Never surpassed their debut album on every level, they managed to work on the smallest details to lift the songs to unknown heights and understood very well that a song needs passion, dedication and an honest approach.

‘The Voice Inside’ is a very dark song about inner conflicts and a psychotic topic, so the vibe fits perfect to the lyrics. I must confess that I have played this album for many, many times now, and if I compare this composition with the rest of the album, it’s the least approachable song. There is not really a chorus line, or recognizable frame in the track, so it’s little unclear if I truly discovered it yet. Anyway, when ‘Sonic Ecstasy’ starts, you get a total diverse and different sound. The vocals of Jo have a lot of echo and that works really well. I also want to congratulate Pat Liotard who succeeded in a terrific result in sound. Every instrument is on its place, and although we have to deal with a quartet, we get a ‘full sound’ where the bass of Kenn Jackson is really awesome. Check out the Pretty Maids biography and you will notice that Kenn joined the band from 1991 till 2010 and recorded numerous albums.

Every musician has its own layer, and all together they sound like a very powerful attack! The track ‘King For A Day’ opens modest and cinematic but that’s only for the first minute. We switch into a very heavy and pompous riff where the vocals add a huge dose of quality (again). The guitars of Ricky Marx are present all the time with short shredding intermezzos! Those that are familiar with, again, Pretty Maids from Denmark will know this shredder, as he recorded a few albums with them, but he also worked with Nightmare in 2005 while they were recording ‘The Dominion Gate’.

Drummer Ranzo (full name Fabian Ranzoni) is the drummer of Now Or Never and was born in Switzerland, while he played in the band Sultan before. He’s adding his own personal value to the songs, and believe me, he’s pounding the skins with full power! Now Or Never is an awesome quartet with a golden future in hands. They only need the right people behind them to give them full support and exposure, and signing with Target/Mighty Music is a very good step to reach the next level in their career. One of the best tracks is next as ‘I Shall Remain’ has a very good heavy base but with an awesome chorus line. I’m sure that you will sing along when listening to this track, and that counts for several songs on this second album of the band. Even the easy listening track ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ has the same magical quality, and once more I have to mention the outstanding throat of Jo Amore. He’s a little hoarse, a mix of Jorn and Dio, and that works really well! The pace increases with ‘The Anwser’ where the drums have a prominent part in the arrangement. How heavy can things get? Something really different is ‘The Revolution’, which is speeding up and contains some unexpected twists and breaks.

When ‘Save Me’ starts, goosebumps take command of my skin and a cold shiver runs my backbone. Wonderful guitar parts by Ricky, a voice that will take full command of the song and there is magic in the air! Slow, determinate, solid, that’s what describes this song! All hell breaks loose on the song ‘Feel Alive’, and we still have one more magical moment to enjoy with the last track on the album: ‘’till The End Of Time’. Probably one of the best songs on this album, although it’s totally diverse. It starts like a ballad, with an orchestral support, but halfway, the whole thing is bursting out. Hard to describe how wonderful Jo Amore is bringing his lines. He’s totally ‘into the song’ and brings it with so much dedication and passion that a moment of silence is appreciated. This is so gentle, so full of emotion, so exquisite and surpassing that I need to mention this track as one of the best songs in months. It’s not representative for the whole album, but it’s one of the 10 gems that you will find on this second album of Now Or Never.

Do we have already an album for our personal Top 20 of 2016, I guess so! The album still grows in quality, and that’s a rarity! Now Or Never Official Homepage: http://www.onlynowornever.com/ Order at: http://www.targetshop.dk/uk/370639/Now_Or_Never/II/ New digital single for ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ available at:https://targetgroup.lnk.to/Illbewaiting

My rating: 92/100 (Surpasses the style of music, must be heard/ordered by every Metal fan)


Review by Spirit In Black

Nuclear Detonation from Italy started in 2012, a year later on they released a single ‘Down To Hell’. The same year, ND began to work on their debut album ‘Living Dead, Sons Of The Lobotomy’. First, the album was only available on cassette and now we can enjoy this album on a silver disc.

Nuclear Detonation plays old school styled Melodic Thrash Metal with a modern twist. Might be not very original what they bring to us, it’s still a cool album anyway. Speaking for myself, I must admit that I really this style of Thrash Metal. Hearing similarities with one or another band, yeah well… I don’t care. The players of Nuclear Detonation add enough value of themselves to the music what makes the album worth to listen at after all. The guys know how to use their instruments and above all, they have a well skilled singer on board and that’s always a welcome asset.

‘Living Dead, Sons Of The Lobotomy’ has fast and/or mid tempo songs to offer but most of all, Melodic Thrash Metal reigns mainly. Particular tracks like, for example, ‘People Of The Lie’ has even a Heavy Metal vibe while ‘Living Dead’ is take a progressive direction. ‘Hang The Poser’ follows the pathways of good old Crossover in the vein of D.R.I., ‘A.T.A, (Another Thrash Attack)’ is a cool instrumental that can be found on Nuclear Detonation’s debut effort.

I have the intention they haven’t found a real direction yet because of the many changes in styles. All things considered, ‘Living Dead, Sons Of The Lobotomy’ has turned out pretty good to me. More info at: Nuclear Detonation FB and Nuclear Detonation Bandcamp

My rating: 75/100 (Decent but best previewing)